Eight Essential Elements For Any Website

Having an online presence in today’s world is like hanging the “open” sign on your small business’s door each day, it’s essential.

Eight Essential Elements For Any Website 1 We live in the digital age, which is why it’s important for your brand to have a smoothly operating website that accomplishes exactly what you need and communicates well to your audience.

We live in the digital age, which is why it’s important for your brand to have a smoothly operating website that accomplishes exactly what you need and communicates well to your audience.

It’s important to have a viable online presence. In fact, studies show, more than half of your visitors will judge the credibility of your small business based on its website. In a quickly evolving digital age, that number is certain to increase.

Websites allow a unique space and cost effective way to display your brand on the world wide web as you wish to express your dream and your business. If your small business doesn’t have its own website in today’s environment, you’re business is really missing out on an integral part of business management. 

Believe it or not, the world wide web is full of websites that don’t adequately measure up to the business that they were designed to represent – and we at BreveCo really do not want your website to be one of them. Your website has at least one job. Whether you’re looking to make big sales, share your story, and/or end up with 30 page-one search results, your website’s priority is to effectively communicate with your audience. We have compiled eight essential elements that all websites need in order to be viable in today’s business market.

Eight Essential Elements for Any Website

Create a simple URL. 

Seriously, don’t make it complicated. When selecting the perfect domain name for your small business website, first and foremost, make sure it’s something that is short and easy to type. You’ve got to carry that domain name with you everywhere you go. Don’t try to send your audience to a–– supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.com––sort of site. I purchased my domain from GoDaddy. They also have an easy list to follow when it comes to selecting the perfect domain name.

Use fresh, quality content.

Often times, your website is the first impression for a customer or client. Make sure your website offers the information your audience wants. Use quality photos. A pixelated image can be the difference between a bounce or conversion. And don’t forget to keep your copy fresh and updated regularly. It will keep search engines loving your website and keep users coming back. 

Make sure your site is secure.

Secure sites aren’t only for websites that process payments. Well over 80 percent of people will abandon a website once they notice it’s not secure. Browsers like Google Chrome will clearly identify when a website lacks a secure connection. Protect your customers, protect your business and protect your overall brand reputation by obtaining a simple SSL certificate for your website. 

Display an obvious Call To Action. 

Let your website visitors know what their “next step” should be by displaying a very clear call to action throughout your site. Make sure to bring attention to your “next step” suggestion by using a special button or highlighting the text. Your website should guide them where to go. Make it stand out from the rest and make it easy for your website visitors to find. 

Make sure your design is mobile friendly. 

In today’s market, the  majority of your website visitors are finding you on a mobile phone or tablet. Welcome to 2019. While this doesn’t mean your website designer needs to jump ship on an exceptional desktop site, keep a responsive, mobile-friendly design in mind each step of the way. 

Don’t forget the contact information. 

Yes, you need your visitors to get in touch with you outside of your website! Make sure your contact information is easy to spot. It can be as simple as an email, phone number or social media sites. If your business is a brick and mortar, be sure to include your physical address. Contact information is best displayed on a page of its own and in your website footer.  

Keep your navigation bar simple and organized. 

A navigation bar is vital for every website. Being able to find one’s way around a website is a make or break experience for any website visitor. A simple and organized navigation bar leads to increased duration and decreases the chances of a bounce rate. Make sure the navigation bar itself is easy to navigate. 

Know the basics of SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be a bit of a beast to tackle, but your website doesn’t do a business much good if no one can stumble upon it. Even if you’re not looking to get into SEO strategies at least make sure your website is polished with the basics. Proper use of keywords, links, page titles, URLs, and image and video descriptions can do wonders for a site. BreveCo Marketing offers monthly SEO packages and one-time SEO enhancements when you need a boost.

Pro-Tip: Get yourself a fully-functioning website for your small business- and don’t forget those eight essential elements for any website.


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