What is SEO + Why Your Business Needs It

Consumers have a world of information accessible to them with the swipe a finger. Successful SEO is how you make sure your content gets to them first.

What is SEO + Why Your Business Needs It 1 Consumers have a world of information accessible to them with the swipe a finger. Successful SEO is how you make sure your content gets to them first.

After establishing your brand and developing a user-friendly website to promote it, you need to effectively generate new and continuing online traffic to your website. This happens through SEO. But what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how you ensure consumers will be directed to your content when they input a query into a search engine.

Have you ever wondered how Google prioritizes the information you see on the first page of your search results? Search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms to determine the order in which content is displayed to a consumer. Think of an algorithm like a recipe. Just like specific ingredients are required to produce a cake, specific components on a website  must match a search engine’s algorithm to get better visibility online.

So why is SEO so important?

The concept is similar to a fallen tree in the forest that doesn’t make a sound because no one is around to hear it. A dynamic website isn’t effective when consumers don’t have access to it after typing in related information in a search. When you effectively utilize SEO,  you increase your digital reach and, in turn, produce a higher client base for your brand.

With the wealth of information available online, increasing your visibility is vital to get any real traction on the search engine frontier. The best place to start is by knowing what concepts matter.

Five Concepts that matter for Search Engine Optimization 

Your word choices are extremely important. 

Search engines keep track of every word that is uploaded to the Internet. They use extensive databases and programs to record and appropriately file each word. Be sure to consider the associated meaning of the words you use throughout the pages of your website. Ask yourself what words would the general public use to define the content you are providing. If the words on your page don’t match up with the words consumers put into search engines, your content is less likely to pop up on their search results pages.

Be deliberate about titles.

Every page online has an official title. When titles show up in the code of a page, search engines interpret them as summaries of the page’s content. Make sure your titles correctly  inform search engines about what information the pages on your site provides.

Utilize links.

Links refer readers to other sources online.. When multiple web pages start referencing your site via links,  search engines will give your site a higher ranking. It is good to include links on your pages as well so that traffic from your linked pages funnel back to your site.

Words referring to links can be connected.

Search engines are very intuitive. Even the words used in links can attract search engines. Search engines will connect the words used in links. If you say that Target has toys and select the word “toys” as a link to the Target website, a search engine will associate Target with toys.

Website maintenance builds credible reputation online.

As you consistently generate new content search engines take notice. For your reputation among search engines to expand, you must continue to produce material. Blogs are a great way to stay on top of SEO and keep updated and relevant content on your website.

Common Craft explains more about SEO and outlines these concepts in a nifty little video.

Pro-Tip: Start with the basics to begin optimizing viewership on your site. Once you start, don’t stop. Producing more and more content helps you stay in the SEO race against your competitors. 

SEO takes some effort and dedication to yield the full force of its results. Sometimes translating your brand’s message and resources into intelligible print is more than enough work. When the idea of applying the concepts for SEO success is all too overwhelming, fear not. 

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We will translate the purpose of your brand and the resources you offer in a way that search engines will acknowledge and readers will connect with and understand.