What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Beware the avalanche effect as you begin to integrate various branding strategies.  

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency 1 Beware the avalanche effect as you begin to integrate various branding strategies. The signs are everywhere. Before things get too overwhelming you should consider working with a marketing agency.

The signs are everywhere. Before things get too overwhelming you should consider working with a marketing agency.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is extremely important. The right choice will prove to be a valuable resource that ensures the integrity of your brand and contributes to your productivity and peace of mind. After all, your brand is a representation of yourself and you don’t want to hand it over to just anybody.

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Marketing Agency


Identify goals and expectations.

Go into the process with two things in mind: know what you would like to see accomplished and know what you expect from your digital marketing agency. When you have an understanding of your needs, you are better equipped to choose a marketing agency that will be able to meet those needs. 

You also need to communicate how much input you would like in the marketing process. A good marketing agency will be able to work with your desired level of involvement. Make sure you communicate how much you would like to contribute on the front end.

Know what services a digital marketing agency provides and what it specializes in.

Marketing and brand management is a vast, ever-changing field. Some marketing agencies specialize in certain areas like SEO or website design. What they don’t choose to specialize in, agencies will often outsource. If your greatest needs are for phenomenal web design and cohesive brand collateral, make sure that 1) the digital marketing agency you choose offers these resources and 2) that these resources are a primary focus of the agency. 

Outsourcing services is common in the marketing realm, so don’t let that be a deterrent, but find an agency that has the capability to address your major needs directly. 

See what services BreveCo Marketing provides to help you meet your high priority needs.

Look at the agency’s client base.

Knowing your marketing agency’s client base is beneficial for several reasons. 

You will be able to see how the agency has helped other businesses,  get an idea of their branding style, and have examples of what they will be able to do for you. Past and current clients will be able to speak to the agency’s effectiveness or lack thereof. 

Be wary of a digital marketing agency that isn’t able to present you with a portfolio of past projects or provide clients who will give positive reviews.

At BreveCo Marketing we are proud to showcase the work we have done for our clients. Take a look at our portfolio. 

Find an agency that can match your style.

If you look over an agency’s portfolio and the work they have done for others doesn’t line up with the direction you want to go in, they may not be the best fit. When this happens don’t be quick to rule them out.

Tell them your concerns and ask if they are able to deliver content that matches your style. If they say yes, ask them to explain what they will do to tailor to your brand. The beauty of marketing and branding is versatility. An agency that can’t tailor itself to your brand is an agency that will possibly neglect making your brand identity a priority.

Pro-Tip: Choose a digital marketing agency that, outside of a working environment, you would be able to get along with in a casual setting–chemistry. This trait topped the Forbes list. You will be working closely with this agency, if your personalities don’t mesh well you might be setting yourself up for a disaster.

As your business grows and the marketing process becomes more extensive, partnering with an agency might be a venture to consider for your brand. We all take on more than we can handle at one time or another.  A marketing agency is going to step in and make up for lost time and resources. 

BreveCo Marketing is a great place to begin a conversation of how we can do that for you. We would love to rally behind you and your business. After you see what we have to offer, just reach out to us online for a free consultation. 

We will use our services to develop a package for your business and help manage your brand. That way you can you continue to focus on the important stuff like perfecting your trade and providing excellent service in your field.