At BreveCo Marketing, we serve as the strategic and creative backbone behind your small business, nonprofit or professional brand. While you’re out running the business, our wheelhouses are turning to bring you all the best creative brand management.

behind the name

Our brand was inspired behind the meaning of the English word breve (brēv), which boasts the name for the semicircle phonetic mark placed over an unstressed vowel to indicate a specific articulation.


Since the less artfully articulated BrēvCo Marketing didn’t quite convey the message, and we too, loved the idea of having a stress-free vowel in our midst, we decided to throw a brēv on our breve and founded BreveCo Marketing. (That’s pronounced breh-vey.)


You know, to articulate our brand… and yours.

Our Mission

BreveCo Marketing exists to serve a creative and strategic backbone – to  inspire entrepreneurs, articulate their brands and deliver the best in all we do.

Our Values

Integrity : in·teg·ri·ty :  Our primary approach is honesty and uprightness. We take on every endeavour with the utmost integrity and strive to serve our clients with excellence in all we do.


Authenticity : au·then·tic·i·ty :  Communication and transparency is how we bring about authenticity with our clients. It’s the core of how we run things in-house and the best representation of who we are.


Creativity :  cre·a·tiv·i·ty : We are creative problem solvers. That’s what we do! While you are out handling your daily operations, we bring our talents to the table, think outside of the box and make the most of your brand.


Passion : pas·sion : Our spirit and drive is one of the biggest reasons why we love to serve you! We are a team of individuals that love what we do, which is why it’s easy to bring clients our A-game with every project.

Commitment: com·mit·ment: We take on every project like our lives depended on it… well not really, but you get the picture. Our desire to see you succeed is why we’re 100 percent in 100 percent of the time.